• All about Magnum Utilities - Pure Planet’s smart meter installation partners

    We’ve partnered with Magnum Utilities to install second generation smart meters for our Members.

    Once you’ve passed our eligibility criteria for a new meter (such as not already having a SMETS1 meter which is due to become smart again) you’ll be contacted by Magnum Utilities by telephone and text messages.

    They’ll arrange the date and time of your installation appointment. Remember that we’re currently focusing on areas where we’ve got the greatest number of Pure Planet Members.

    Magnum will confirm your appointment by email, and send a reminder 10 days, three days and 1 day before the installation day. It’s really important that you tell them if you won’t be at home.
    You, or someone over the age of 18, needs to be at home for the smart meter installation.

    If there’s nobody over 18 at home when the engineer from our meters installation partner Magnum Utlilities arrives for the agreed appointment, you’ll be charged a £30 missed appointment fee.

    Magnum Utilities’ team of engineers drive clearly marked vans with their name and logo.

    The team all wear the Magnum uniform of dark blue with yellow trim.

    All engineers carrying out installations will also display a Magnum Utilities’ ID card. This carries a photo, their full name and their job title.

    If someone is calling at your home asking for a meter reading, they’ll be from one of two different companies. More info on our meter readers here.

    Any other questions? Ask the community!

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