• Do smart meters work with Economy 7?

    Traditional E7:

    We offer one tariff for all Pure Planet members, so you’re always on our best rate. This means we don’t offer a separate E7 tariff. So, if you have a traditional E7 meter you can switch to us and submit both readings each month - you’ll be charged the same rate for both sets of usage.

    SMETS 1 E7:

    If you have a SMETS 1 meter programmed as E7 it’ll be included in scheme to connect SMETS 1 meters to the SMETS 2 network. There’s lots of useful info about this in our FAQ about SMETS 1 including timings for when SMETS1 meters are due to become smart again.

    Until then, your SMETS1 E7 meter will keep working in the same way as a traditional meter. Just send us your readings each month, and you’ll be charged at the same rate for your usage.

    Traditional E7 and SMETS 2:

    We’re currently piloting our second generation (known as SMETS2) smart meters. If you’ve got a 4-port E7 meter we’ll be able to install a SMETS2 meter for you. To check this, just look at the bottom of your meter - it’ll have 4 ports on the bottom. Two on the left, two on the right. If we think you could be eligible - and we're still asking a small number of Members at a time - we'll show you a new moon in your Pure Planet app and web account called 'Interested in Smart?'. When you tap/click this moon, you can let us know if you'd like to register your interest in a SMETS2 meter.

    It’s important to note that SMETS2 meters can be programmed to be either single rate or E7, depending on your supplier.
    If you currently have a traditional E7 meter and we install a SMETS2 meter, it’ll be programmed as single rate while we’re your supplier, as you’re charged on one single tariff.

    If you decide to switch to a different supplier at any point, and would like to be on an E7 tariff, they’d be able to programme your SMETS2 meter when you switch to show two sets of readings (day and night) to work with their E7 tariff.

    Traditional E7 with storage heaters, underfloor heating, 5th port:

    If you currently have a traditional E7 meter that’s programmed with storage heaters, underfloor heating and has a 5th port, we’re currently unable to install a SMETS2 smart meter for you. This is because there are no SMETS2 meter available just now with this 5th port capability. This would mean, for example, your storage heaters would remain constantly on, or constantly off, with no way of changing them.

    A SMETS2 meter with this capability is expected to be released in 2020, so we’ll then be able to install SMETS2 for all E7 meters.

    If you have storage heaters or underfloor heating that’s controlled by a separate switch, you’ll be able to have SMETS2 meters installed as it won’t affect the wiring to control your heating.

    To check if it’s programmed with a separate switch, just look at the bottom of the meter - it’ll only have 4 ports.

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