• How to use the Pure Planet app and web

    To download our app:

    • You’ll need access to the UK Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You’ll need sufficient internet signal and phone memory (though we’ve made the app as small as possible!). To change your app store country to the UK, read this tutorial for iOS or this tutorial for Android.
    • You’ll need access to emails on the same device you download the app to. Most devices have an email app, but accessing your inbox from a web browser (like Safari or Chrome) works too.
    • Once downloaded, to log in to the app you’ll just need to enter the email address you used to switch to Pure Planet. You’ll then get a verification email - just go to your inbox and tap the link in the email.

    To log in on the web:

    • Go to purepla.net and tap the account login icon in the top right hand corner

    • Enter the email address you used to switch to Pure Planet
    • Open your email inbox and click on the link in your verification email

    Having trouble logging in? Read more here.

    You can manage everything you need for your account in your app or at purepla.net:

    You can also tap ‘help’ > ‘Ask WattBot’ to find out answers to your questions, or message our Members Services team if WattBot can’t help.

    You can also use him to find out ‘where is my Amazon voucher’ and to add a name to your account, without needing to message the team.

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