• My meter's been changed - what do I have to do?

    If we’ve done a faulty meter exchange, there’s not much you need to do!

    The engineer who removes your meter will record the faulty meter’s final reading, and the new meter’s opening reading.

    For your electricity meter, these readings and your new meter information are then sent to a third party to be validated. You can continue to send your (new) meter readings as normal during this period. Once we get your new details your account will be automatically updated and you’ll be sent a new statement which confirms your closing meter reading and new meter reading.

    If your meter was faulty because it was clocking your usage incorrectly, a final meter reading will be calculated based on your historical usage.

    Because gas has different regulatory bodies, if the final meter reading doesn’t fall in line with your previous usage we’re informed of this and recalculate the final reading based on your previous readings.

    The national gas and electricity databases will also be updated to reflect your new meter information.

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