• What should I do if the Pure Planet account holder passes away?

    We know it’s a really difficult time when someone you’re close to passes away. When it comes to the Pure Planet account, you can be reassured that there’ll be no interruption to the energy supply.

    Whoever is responsible for the estate will need to set up a new account. This can be done by downloading the Pure Planet app, entering the property and usage details to get a quote, and following the steps to sign up.

    The wording will appear as if you’re applying to switch suppliers, although we already supply the property. Don’t worry - this is just the process to change the account holder details. Once this has been completed, get in touch with the Member Services team by tapping ‘Help’ > ‘Ask WattBot’ and asking to message the team.

    If you let them know the account holder has passed away they’ll then confirm some details with you, to close that account and ensure the new account is set up correctly.

    They'll then create the final statement for the closed account and send this to you by email.

    If you’d prefer not to download our app you can follow the moving-in form on our website at https://purepla.net/support/#moving-home - you’d just need to enter the postcode and complete the steps from there, and then contact the team via WattBot to inform them of the account holder’s passing.

    The ‘moving in date’ is the date you need to open the new account. This will usually be the day after the existing account holder passed away.

    We apologise for the wording on this form - it’s written for people who are moving into a new property. The underlying process is the same.