• How do I use my new Pure Planet smart meter?

    Nice one for getting your new 2nd generation smart meter with Pure Planet.

    Your new meter is a ‘Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification version2’ (SMETS2). Catchy!

    It’ll send your energy supplier accurate data about your energy usage, so you don’t need to take manual meter readings or rely on estimated readings.

    If you’ve got an in-home display (IHD), you’ll also be able to see near-real-time updates on your usage and energy costs.

    Your in-home display (IHD) is a Geo Trio II model. It shows you live and historical consumption data from your Smart meter(s). It’ll help you understand how much energy you’re using, when, and how much it’s costing. The data is near real time.

    Your homescreen shows electricity data on the left hand side and gas on the right. As a default, it’ll display the cost in £. To toggle to kWh, tap button 3. The electricity data is near-real-time, and the dial will move as your usage increases and decreases.

    Gas usage data will update every half an hour, and the flame will grow or shrink in size depending on your recent usage.

    Toggle to ‘Energy today’ to see your usage for the day so far. If you’ve set a budget (use the ‘settings’ screen to do this), your IHD will indicate whether you look likely to be above or under budget for the day.

    Tap the home button 1 any time to access the menu. Use the left and right navigation buttons 4 to search through the options and use button 3 to select a menu item.

    For more detailed info about your smart meter, using your IHD, and how to contact us if there are any issues, use this guide which will download as a PDF.

    Smart meters will send accurate data about your energy usage directly to us, so you don’t have to take manual meter readings or rely on estimated readings.

    During our pilot, we’re asking that you continue sending manual readings as normal through your app or online. Here’s how to read your new meters.

    For electricity, you should send the kWh reading, and for gas, M3.

    We’re installing two types of meters. One is manufactured by Landis + Gyr and one by EDMI. Check the front of your meter for the logo to see which one you have.

    If your IHD isn't working as it should, go to Help > WattBot in your app, and type the words 'IHD problem'. Watt will take a bit more info from you and then pass this on to our Member services team to investigate.

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