• What’s an IHD and do I need one?

    IHD stands for 'In-Home Display'. It's a small electrical device with a touch screen.

    It's paired up with a smart meter and gives you information about energy use and the cost it's generating in real time.

    We’re mandated by Ofgem to offer all our Members IHDs as part of your smart meter installation.

    With a smart meter you can track your energy usage from the readings in both the IHD and your Pure Planet account in your app, but we’re planning to display more detailed energy usage information in the Pure Planet app in the future.

    We hope our Members will opt to use their Pure Planet app instead of asking us to supply IHDs. This is because IHDs are limited to within a specific range of your smart meter and so you won’t be able to monitor your energy usage while you’re away from home.

    We also want to cut down on wastage and the manufacturing costs of IHDs as they’re made from single-use plastic, and often just end up in kitchen drawers.

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