• Do I still need to send readings with a smart meter?

    Your smart meter will send us regular meter readings so you won't need to submit them to us any more.

    It is currently taking several months after the installation of Pure Planet smart meters for smart readings to be sent to us, and to appear in Members' accounts. So it's worth sending monthly readings as before until you start seeing regular smart readings.

    Here’s how to read your new meters.

    For electricity, you should send the kWh reading, and for gas, M3.

    We’re installing two types of meters. One is manufactured by Landis + Gyr and one by EDMI. Check the front of your meter for the logo to see which one you have.

    Once the smart readings are being sent regularly, Members won't need to send any more manual readings.
    This also means we will send monthly statements using actual meter readings, not estimates.

    Your smart meter logs a reading every day. As your energy supplier, we're going to ask it for a reading once a month, on the day we produce your statement.

    In the future we may want to increase the number of readings we collect from Members, to ensure even more accuracy. We’ll ask our Members for permission to do this first.

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