• I’m getting an EV - how do I get my meter ready to charge it?

    Charging an EV at home needs a special charger which can be attached to an external wall or in a garage.

    Depending on the type of charger you get, it’s likely that your electricity meter will need a 100amp fuse.

    Your meter’s “tails” — the two thick wires going from the meter to the main electricity supply - will also need to be upgraded to 25mm from the standard 16mm.

    You may also need to fit an isolation switch to control the electricity supply to the charger.

    Energy suppliers like Pure Planet are responsible for upgrading the meter tails and fitting the isolation switch. We charge £152.60 for this work.

    To change the main fuse to 100amp you will need to contact your Distribution Network Operator - go here to find your local DNO.

    Once you’ve agreed a date for a DNO electrician to upgrade your fuse, contact our Member Services team via WattBot in your account to arrange for us to send an engineer to your home to upgrade the meter tails.

    Remember that it’s likely we’ll ask for two weeks’ notice, so plan ahead.

    Once we’ve upgraded the meter tails and your DNO has fitted a new 100amp fuse, you can instruct the home charger company to fit the charger.

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