• When does Pure Planet review my monthly Direct Debits to make sure I’m paying the right amount?

    To make sure that your payments and energy usage match, we carry out Direct Debit payment reviews once every six months.

    Our warmer / cooler months payment schedule has been designed to prevent Members building up debit or credit.

    We take a little less in summer (April to September) and a little more in winter (October to March) to match seasonal energy usage.

    You can view this info at any time in your Pure Planet app - go to Menu > Balance & payments.

    We also regularly review Member’s accounts, approximately every six months, to make sure that payments and usage are on track.

    There’s a few reasons why someone might be paying too much or too little, or have built up too much credit or debit:

    - They may have over or under estimated their usage (commonly caused by selecting high, medium or low usage when getting a quote rather than entering actual usage).

    - Circumstances may have changed, for example getting an EV changer installed, or someone moving in or out of a property

    - A price change up or down may mean monthly Direct Debits no longer cover energy usage

    - Unseasonably cold or mild weather

    It's normal for there to be a little bit of debit or credit on your account. As we take payments in advance we would expect your account to always be about one month’s payment in credit.

    How Pure Planet will contact you about a Direct Debit review

    If your payments are on track - which means your DD payments already match your energy use - you’ll get an email from us to confirm no action needs to be taken, and we’ll review your account again in about six months.

    If you’ve built up either debit or credit we’ll send you an email which will explain how much we are planning to increase or decrease your DD payments by.

    The email we send you will look like this:

    If you’d like to talk to our Member services team about the changes we’re proposing, all you need to do is reply to the email by the date outlined. Let the team know any concerns you have, and we'll get back in touch.
    If you’re happy with the changes, you don’t need to reply.

    Two weeks later you’ll get a second email from us which confirms the changes, and when the new payments will start.

    If there’s a lot of debit or credit we’ll also speak to you about to take a one-off payment or put in place a debt repayment plan.

    We’ll always contact you before we make any changes.

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