• What is WattBot? - Pure Planet’s 24/7 digital assistant

    WattBot is our 24/7 digital assistant which can answer many questions about renewable energy, about Pure Planet, and questions about managing your account.

    You can ask him a question straight from your account.

    Go to help in your account (menu > help) and tap on Ask WattBot.

    Then type in your question - keep it as clear and as brief as you can - such as ‘When should I send a meter reading’.

    Then hit send - the paper aeroplane icon.

    It’s powered by some clever machine-learning technology which means that the more questions you ask, the more it learns.

    Watt is answering hundreds of questions from Members every day. Currently about two thirds of Members are getting a reply from Watt which answers their question.

    The most frequently asked questions are about switching to Pure Planet, how to change Direct Debit details or dates, when do Amazon vouchers arrive, when will smart meters be installed.

    If you’ve got a question specific to your account which Watt can’t answer, it’ll ask you if you want to send a message to our Member services team.

    Our team will reply to your message in one working day. It’s not a live-chat service, they’ll respond to every message they get.

    Your conversations with WattBot are stored for three months, in case you need to refer to an earlier chat.

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