• How can I make a one-off payment to Pure Planet?

    We collect your first Direct Debit payment on the day we start supplying your energy, and then on the same date every month.

    If you’re not sure when this is, go to your Pure Planet account and tap on Balance & Payments in the main menu.

    Your Direct Debit is split into summer and winter months. We do this to reflect your energy usage and to help Pure Planet Members avoid getting into debit or building up too much credit.

    We take a little less in the summer (April to September) and a little more in the winter (October to March).

    We know there are times when someone needs to make a one-off payment. For example, landlords who are not Members but need to pay for energy used while a property was vacant.

    If you need to make a one-off payment, head to WattBot in your app. Then type one of these phrases: 'Bring my account up to date' / 'I'm behind with payments' / 'Make a one-off payment'.

    ​Watt will take your details - including the best time for the collections team to get in touch to take the payment.

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