• How do I refer a friend to Pure Planet?

    To refer a friend to Pure Planet, tap on the 'Refer friends' moon in your account.

    This will open your rewards and allow you to send your share code to friends and family. You can send it by email, SMS (text message), Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

    If they switch, we’ll know it’s you who introduced them. And we’ll give you both a £25 Amazon voucher.

    You can introduce as many friends as you like (please do!) and when a friend switches their energy to Pure Planet, you’ll both earn a reward.

    Rewards will be sent by email after the new member has finished their switch and we’ve collected the first payment.

    So keep your eyes open for an email - it’ll contain a unique, single-use code. Simply enter that at the Amazon checkout and you’ll get £25 off your order.

    You can load reward codes up into your Amazon account to build a credit balance. That way you can redeem multiple rewards against a single purchase.

    There are some rules - the most important being to only introduce people you know. Please don’t share your code in a way that others might see as ‘spam’ or ‘junk mail’.

    That’s it!

    So go on and introduce your friends to great value, clean energy and enjoy extra rewards all round. More for you. More for them. Better for the planet.

    If you're expecting a reward from either referring a friend or being referred, remember that your Amazon voucher code is emailed to you up to two days after the switch date - that’s two days after the day you or your friend came on supply with Pure Planet.

    If you don’t receive the email, open WattBot in your account, and type 'Where is my Amazon voucher'. Watt will take some info from you - your friend's name and address, and the unique referral code. This info will then be handed to our team to check out.

    IMPORTANT UPDATE: From Tuesday 16 July for a limited time we've doubled our rewards to £50. Check out this post for more info.

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