• I have a SMETS2 smart meter - will it work with Pure Planet?

    We have a number of Members with a 2nd generation smart meter (known as 'SMETS2').

    SMETS2 meters started being installed in a number of homes around the UK from summer 2018.

    We started installing our SMETS2 meters in 2019 and are testing Members' installations and usage.

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    Will you support my smart meter?

    If you already have a SMETS2 smart meter and would like to switch to Pure Planet, once you switch we'll ask for your monthly meter readings while we work on receiving your Smart readings automatically.

    If you're on supply with Pure Planet and have SMETS2 meters, we'll keep you updated by email on when your 'smart' functionality will be switched on.

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    Do I still need to send readings with a smart meter?
    Do I have to have a smart meter?