• What does 'Offset Bill' on my monthly statement mean?

    You receive a monthly statement on the anniversary of your switch date.

    Page one of the monthly statement shows your balance at your last statement, total spend this period, and your current balance.

    Pages two and three of your statement shows your latest meter readings you provided (or estimates if you didn’t) and your energy consumption.

    Occasionally your statement may look different - it could show the words 'Offset Bill' followed by a sum of money which has been credited to your account. This is also known as 'consolidated statement'.

    What this means is that your account has been re-calculated, previous month(s) statements have been credited back, and now you have a new balance covering the whole period.

    This shows that you have not paid twice for the energy used.

    There are several reasons why this could happen. The most common reason is that we have been using estimated readings for your account, and you have just sent us new meter readings which means your account has had to be recalculated with your actual energy use.

    Or it could be because there is an update to a dispute with your previous supplier about your opening meter readings which means your opening readings have been changed.

    Next to the words ‘Offset Bill’ is information for each month or months affected, and next to that the monthly amounts credited back to your account.

    Below that is ‘Total new spend this period’ which covers the same months with the updated amount.

    Pages two and three of your statement will show the details of your historical readings, energy used and how the cost of electricity and gas is calculated.

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