• What happens when we send someone to your home to take a meter reading

    When we send someone to come and take a meter reading from your home they will be an agent from one of two companies: TMA or Lowri Beck.

    What will they look like?

    If the agent is from TMA they will always carry an ID badge with their picture on it, as well as their name, the TMA company logo and office telephone number.

    The TMA agents wear a blue fleece and blue polo neck shirt - both with the company logo on front.

    Lowri Beck meter readers will have photographic ID, with their name and operator number on. There is also a Lowri Beck phone number on the reverse for the customer to ring and verify.

    Lowri Beck readers wear a dark blue uniform with yellow trim. Every item of clothing is branded with the logo.

    What the agent will say
    When you answer the door they will explain that they are working on behalf of Pure Planet, and are there to read the meter.

    What they will ask for
    They will ask for permission to come inside in order to read the meter. For outdoor meters the agent will take a reading without disturbing you.

    How long does it take?
    If there is easy access to the meter the whole process will take 5 to 10 minutes.

    How many meter readers will there be?
    There will be one reader present, unless it is a special appointment where ladders may be required.