• How do I send a meter reading?

    Sending a meter reading to us is very easy. Simply follow these steps:

    1. Open your Pure Planet account.

    2. When it's time for your reading, you'll see a 'Send a meter reading' moon right on your homepage.

    3. If you want to send us a meter reading at other times, go to Menu > Send a meter reading

    4. All you need to do now is type the number(s) on your meter and press 'Next'.

    If you have any questions check the guide just below the meter submission box(es).

    If you're entering your readings at, the page to submit your readings doesn't give the torch option.

    5. You'll get a chance to review the numbers before you finally submit. Its always handy to check.

    6. You'll then see a confirmation that we have received them, with this big green tick:

    Finally, it's worth remembering that you can only send meter readings once every 24 hours. If you try to re-send them sooner, the ‘send’ button will be greyed out and we’ll let you know that we don’t need another reading just yet!

    Please send us regular meter readings once a month. It helps to keep your energy use and payments on track.

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