• Moving out of your home? Here's what to do

    Moving house can be a tricky time and there’s lots to think about.

    At Pure Planet, we want to make sure you don’t have to worry about your energy supply through this time.

    To tell us when you're moving home, go to Menu > Account and you’ll see a button called ‘Move out’.

    When you tap on 'Move out' we'll ask you for the date you’re moving - the calendar shows up to two days in advance to pick from. This is to make sure we get accurate final meter readings.

    Then we'll ask you to confirm the address you're leaving, ask for a final meter reading, plus a forwarding address so that we know where to send your final bill.

    Don't forget that if you switch back to Pure Planet within three months, you'll get a £25 reward! Just make sure you use the same email address for your new PP account.

    That's it! We'll email you to confirm that your home move is underway.

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