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  • Moving out of your home? Here's what to do

    Moving house can be a tricky time and there’s lots to think about.

    At Pure Planet, we want to make sure you don’t have to worry about your energy supply through this time.

    We also want to make sure the new owners of your house are set up properly with their energy supply, so that the transition can be as smooth as possible for you and those moving into your old home.

    One of the main reasons we want to help during this time is to ensure we do not charge the wrong person for a house’s energy supply.

    In order for us to set the new homeowner up properly (and for you not to be charged for your old home’s supply), please head to Wattbot via Help in the app and type the words ‘Message the team’.

    It's not a live chat, but someone will get back to you in one working day. Then we’ll then ask for some details:

    - The date you’re moving out
    - A meter reading on that day
    - A forwarding address (just in case we need to contact you)
    - Details of who is moving in, or the letting agent/landlord info (if you have it)

    It’s really important to send us a final meter reading, as you’ll still be liable to pay for the property’s energy supply if you do not and we want to help you avoid that.

    You can do this easily via the app. Then you can get on with the move, knowing that everything's sorted.

    Any other questions? Ask in the