• What is a meter reading dispute?

    Reading disputes are used to adjust the opening and closing readings to make sure your first and final bills are accurate when switching suppliers. Take a look below for a detailed guide.

    What is it and why does it happen?
    When you submit your opening readings to your new supplier, they're then sent to the energy industry to go through a process called 'validation', whereby the readings are compared against the consumption history at the property.

    Once checked, the validated readings are then sent back to the new supplier and previous supplier, to produce your first and final bills respectively; this process can take up to 6 weeks, and is there to ensure that all the billing matches up, and that there is no billing overlap between suppliers.

    If the industry doesn’t agree with the readings that have been provided, estimated readings are provided to the suppliers for use instead. This can happen for any number of reasons, and can be corrected using a meter reading dispute.

    Disputes can only be raised if the difference between the readings is sufficiently high. If the difference is more than 1200 kWh for gas, or 250 kWh for electricity, then the dispute can be raised; if the difference is within these values, the readings are deemed to be accurate, and the dispute cannot be raised. These are the values set by OFGEM, to regulate disputes.

    What does it mean for me?
    Your opening meter reading when you join up is the point we use to start measuring your Pure Planet energy use. It also gets passed to your old supplier so they can issue your final bill.

    For this first reading, we ask you to send a photo of the meter screen. Having a clear photo on file helps us resolve a reading dispute with your old supplier. We may need more info and we’ll contact you if we do.

    If there’s a dispute we’ll continue to collect Direct Debit payments as normal but we won’t send a monthly statement until it’s resolved.

    Then, once we’ve agreed the meter reading, we’ll update your app and check your Direct Debit payments are set at the right level to cover your forecast annual usage.

    We'll also send you a statement covering the time from when you joined Pure Planet up to when the dispute was resolved. We call this a consolidated statement, or an offset bill.

    How long does it take to resolve?
    If the photo of your first meter reading is clear and easy to read, we should be able to resolve things very quickly. However, if you weren’t able to send a photo, it may take us a little longer to resolve things (in some cases up to 8 weeks for gas disputes and 14 weeks for electricity).

    We’ll get there in the end but we may ask for additional meter readings as we work to reach an agreement.

    Regular meter readings help avoid any future dispute.

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