• What happens when I switch energy suppliers?

    Once you've completed the sign-up process in the Pure Planet app or at purepla.net, we'll start your switch.

    It takes 17 days for us to fully switch your supply. After you've signed up, we'll send you a welcome pack by email, confirming the details of your switch.
    This includes your tariff information, your Direct Debit details, and the start date of your supply. We'll stay in touch at every stage of the process and keep you informed on your progress.

    We handle the entire switching process for you - there's no need to contact your previous supplier, and no need for an engineer to visit the property. The lights will stay on.

    Just before your supply is due to switch, we'll email to ask you for an opening meter reading. We'll also ask for a photo of the meter at the same time - this can all be done on your app or at purepla.net. We only ask for a photo for your first reading.

    When you submit your opening readings to Pure Planet (or any new energy supplier), they are then sent to the energy industry to go through a process called 'validation', where the readings are compared against the consumption history at the property.

    Once checked, the validated readings are then sent back to Pure Planet and your previous supplier, to produce your first and final bills respectively. This process can take up to six weeks and is there to ensure that all the billing matches up, as well as to ensure that there is no billing overlap between suppliers.

    Once your previous supplier has produced your final bill, they will advise you if there is anything extra to pay, or if a refund is due.

    If you have not received your final bill within six weeks of switching to Pure Planet, or if you have not yet received a refund that you are due, you will need to speak to your previous supplier directly. Suppliers are unable to transfer outstanding credits or debits to other suppliers.

    We'll collect your first monthly payment on the same day we start supplying your energy. We buy your energy in advance, based on our forecast of what you'll need.
    This helps us to buy energy as cheaply as possible, and is the reason we take your Direct Debit before each statement has been produced.

    During your switch, we may need to contact you for additional information, or just to let you know how the switch is progressing.
    If you receive an email labelled 'FOR INFO', this is just an update that requires no further action from you. If you receive an email labelled 'ACTION', you'll know there is some further action required, such as providing a reading or checking some details for us.

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