• Will you support my 1st generation SMETS1 smart meter?

    If you have a first generation smart meter (generally referred to as 'SMETS1'), the smart functionality is currently only available from the supplier that installed the meter.

    As soon as you switch supplier, your in-home display will no longer update, and the readings will not be sent to your new supplier by the meter.

    You will need to take manual readings from the meter, not the in-home display.

    Second generation smart meters (SMETS2) are coming to Pure Planet Members from 2019.

    These meters will enable energy customers to switch suppliers without losing any of their smart functionality.

    We're already working on our national rollout plan for SMETS2 meters, to make sure these are available to all of our members once the meters are ready.

    Installation of these meters will be free of charge, whether or not you have a SMETS1 meter already installed.

    We're working with community members in 2019
    to test the installation and usage of SMETS2 meters before our national rollout.

    Will my 1st generation smart meter work on the 2nd generation network?

    The smart meters rollout is being coordinated by an Ofgem-regulated body called the Data and Communications Company (DCC).

    The DCC is responsible for building the smart meter network around the UK. It is the body between energy suppliers like Pure Planet and you, the member. DCC manages the data between supplier and customer, on a faster network. (The older versions of smart meters use 3G SIM cards which connect to specific energy companies only).

    The DCC has sent estimates to energy suppliers for when it plans to connect some SMETS1 smart meters to the SMETS2 network.

    These are the current start date estimates as advised by the DCC (according to their latest update on estimates 4 June, 2019)

    Models: Itron and Aclara - from late July 2019
    Models: Secure and Elster - from 30 September 2019
    Models: L&G and EDMI - from 12 December 2019.

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