• What happens if I leave Pure Planet?

    If you leave Pure Planet, we'll produce a final bill for you. We hope you'll consider us again in future. You can come back any time.

    If you switch away from Pure Planet, we'll need to wait for your new supplier to provide the final reading before producing your final bill.

    It can take up to six weeks for us to receive this, from the date that your supply starts with the new supplier. We will always aim to reduce the time it takes to produce your final bill and close your account.

    If there is a debit remaining on your final bill from Pure Planet, we will collect the outstanding amount within 10 days of the bill.

    If there is a credit remaining on your final bill, we will refund the amount back to your bank account. Please allow 14 days for refunds to fully clear into your account. Please keep your Direct Debit active until we have processed your final payment or refund.

    Suppliers are unable to transfer outstanding credits or debits to other suppliers.

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