• How is gas measured?

    This is the equation we use - Units consumed (m3) x volume correction (temperature & pressure) x calorific value (energy in each m3) / 3.6 (to convert from joules) = usage in kWh.

    If you are a gas user, you may have spotted that whilst your monthly statement shows the energy used in kilowatthours (kWh), your meter measures in cubic metres (m³) or cubic feet (ft³).

    Metric gas meters have 5-digit readings

    Imperial gas meters have 4-digit readings

    Pure Planet uses a standard industry formula to convert the readings into kilowatt-hours (kWh).

    All energy suppliers do this to keep consumption and billing consistent across the different types of gas meter.

    This calculation takes into account corrections for volume (which is affected by temperature and pressure), and the calorific value of the gas (how much energy is contained in each cubic metre).

    The formula looks like this, and will appear to the right of your total gas usage on each monthly statement: