• Can I have a smart meter?

    Our 2nd generation smart meters (generally referred to as 'SMETS2') are being rolled out slowly in 2019 and 2020.

    Installation of these meters will be free of charge.

    We're in a pilot phase of SMETS2 installs. We're asking selected Members who don't currently have a smart meter to take part.

    Some Pure Planet Members won't be asked to register an interest just yet. These include anyone with non-standard meters, as well as Members who are on the Priority Services Register (because we know that smart meters are not working 100% correctly yet).

    If we think you could be eligible - and we're still asking small numbers of Members at a time - we'll show you a new moon in your Pure Planet app and web account called
    'Interested in Smart?'

    When you tap/click on this moon, and tell us that you'd like to have a SMETS2 installed, we'll update your account.

    Then, when we're ready
    to install in your area, we'll show you a new 'Smart eligibility' moon which will help us check that your property is eligible.

    We'll ask you a few more questions about your property. There's a few reasons why you won't be able to have a SMETS2 meter, such as if you've got underfloor heating, or night storage heaters.

    If you have a SMETS1 first generation meter, this may be upgraded to the SMETS2 network in 2020.

    All our Members will be kept updated with latest progress
    right here in the Pure Planet Community.

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