• Can I have a smart meter?

    Our 2nd generation smart meters (generally referred to as 'SMETS2') are due to be available in 2019.

    Installation of these meters will be free of charge.

    To register your interest complete this simple form on our website.

    These meters will enable energy customers to switch suppliers without losing any of their smart functionality.

    We're already working on our national rollout plan for SMETS2 meters, to make sure these are available to all of our members once the meters are ready.

    If you have a SMETS1 first generation meter, this may be
    upgraded to the SMETS2 network from the second half of 2019.

    Working with members of the community, we're testing out installation, connectivity and usage. We'll also be using this 'pilot' to test different meter locations and accessibility.

    All our Members will be kept updated with latest progress
    right here in the Pure Planet Community.

    Smart meters will allow us collect readings remotely, saving members the hassle of submitting a reading each month.

    We will be able to show members how much energy is used every day, and how much it cost. It will give members better visibility regarding their consumption, and more control over how their account is managed.

    We aim to upgrade all members to a next generation smart meter as soon as possible, and we will notify members by email once we are ready to start installations.

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