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  • What happens to my balance when I switch suppliers?

    When you switch, your old supplier will produce a final bill. If you're still in credit after this bill, they will refund your credit.

    When you submit your opening readings to Pure Planet (or any new energy supplier) they are sent to the energy industry to go through a process called 'validation'.

    The readings are compared against the consumption history at the property and are then sent back to Pure Planet and to your previous supplier, to produce your first and final bills respectively.

    This process can take up to six weeks, and is there to ensure that all the billing matches up, and that there is no billing overlap between suppliers.

    Occasionally during validation Pure Planet and your previous supplier will both be given estimated readings which are different to your opening readings.

    If you sent your meter photo with your opening readings, we can raise a dispute on your behalf if the estimate is very different.

    If the estimate is quite close to your reading, we're unable to raise a reading dispute to have it corrected. Both suppliers have to use the estimate provided, so you won't pay for any energy usage twice.

    Once your previous supplier has produced your final bill, they will advise you if there is anything extra to pay, or if a refund is due.

    If you have not received your final bill within six weeks of switching to Pure Planet, or if you have not yet received a refund that you are due, you will need to speak to your previous supplier directly.

    If you leave Pure Planet, the same process applies, but we will always aim to reduce the time it takes to produce your final bill and close your account.

    If there is a debit remaining on your final bill from Pure Planet, we will collect the outstanding amount within 10 days of the bill. If there is a credit remaining on your final bill, we will refund the amount back to your bank account; please allow 14 days for refunds to fully clear into your account.

    Please keep your Direct Debit active until we have processed your final payment or refund.

    Suppliers are unable to transfer outstanding credits or debits to other suppliers.

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