• How do I change my Direct Debit payment amount?

    We use the information you provide to forecast your energy use over 12 months, and we set a monthly payment schedule to cover the total amount.

    Your payments are lower in the summer, and higher in the winter, to best match your usage.

    After your supply has started with Pure Planet, we receive your annual consumption information from the energy industry.

    Sometimes, this information might indicate that your payments will be too low (or too high). If this is the case, we will get in touch before making any amendments.

    There can be many reasons why the industry believes you will use a higher or lower amount of energy than you actually will, and we won't make any amendments until we've checked the details.

    We also check all Members' usage and balance automatically, every 6 months. If your account is running significantly above or below our forecast, we will adjust your next 6 months' payments to account for the difference.

    Currently, Members can't change payments the app. You can change your Direct Debit details and payment date. If you want to increase or lower your Direct Debit amount, contact our Member services team through WattBot chat in your app.

    As time goes on, we will build up a far more accurate pattern of your usage, and will be better able to tailor your payments throughout the year.

    In your bank statements, you should see your Pure Planet Direct Debit payment showing as ‘GC Pure Planet’.

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