• How and when do I give Pure Planet a meter reading?

    Meter readings from you ensure your bill is exactly right.

    Your first meter reading ensures your previous supplier calculates the right final bill and gets you off to a smart, accurate start with Pure Planet.

    Keep your bills precise by sending us a meter reading every month. We’ll email you a few days before we need your meter reading to remind you.

    When it's time for a reading you will also see a 'Send a meter reading' moon appear on your account's homepage.

    If you want to send us more frequent readings, you can also send them by going to Menu > Send a meter reading

    All you need to do now is type the number(s) on your meter and press 'Next'.

    Meter in a dark cupboard? If you're on your app, tap the torch symbol to switch on the flashlight.

    The torch symbol won't appear if you're logged in at purepla.net.

    You'll get a chance to review the numbers before you finally submit. It's always handy to check.

    You'll then see a confirmation that we have received them, with a big green tick.

    Finally, it's worth remembering that you can only send meter readings once every 24 hours. If you try to re-send them sooner, the ‘send’ button will be greyed out and we’ll let you know that we don’t need another reading just yet!

    Please send us regular meter readings once a month. It helps to keep your energy use and payments on track

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