Zero Heroes - changing the way we eat by going vegan

  • 10 October 2019
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Andy McMahon and Matt Craig, both aged 33, are co-owners of vegan cafe Roots & Shoots in Bath.

They convert friends and family to eating vegan food by cooking up delicious meals, but not letting on that it’s 100% free of meat and dairy.

Globally, the way we produce food generates a third of greenhouse gases, and United Nations scientists say the biggest impact we can have to reduce carbon emissions is to switch to a plant-based diet.

Andy said: “The way to attract people into becoming vegan is by offering good alternatives to meat. I like inviting friends over for dinner and not telling them that what they’re eating is vegan until after they’ve eaten it, enjoyed it, and asked how to make it.

“People think that vegan cooking is hard, but it’s just a case of getting used to it and learning what to do, which is the same as any other ‘normal’ cooking.”

The Roots & Shoots pair started out with a food business working at music festivals in the Bristol and Bath area for three years. Their Bath cafe next to Bath Spa train station opened last year.

Their food is locally grown, apart from the cassava root - used to make ‘facon’ or fake bacon’ which comes from South America - and jackfruit which comes from south Asia.

“We noticed that where it used to be animal cruelty which was the main factor in people becoming vegan, these days it’s the environment,” Andy said.

“There’s so much more awareness of it, of people talking about it.

“When I first became a vegetarian I’d miss bacon sandwiches, but once you get into the farming and environmental impact it’s hard to go back.

“The easiest thing anyone can do is try oat milk for a week in tea and coffee. It might take a bit of getting used to - although it’s delicious in coffee - but dairy is so bad for the environment it will have a huge impact.”

Zero Hero is about finding and supporting greener choices that are easier and cheaper than their polluting alternatives.

But we need your help too. Tell us about a Zero Hero you know, a green event or initiative you’re part of or a Zero Hero product or service you use. We’ll share the best ideas.

If this sounds like you, then send me a message here in the community and tell us what you’re doing. Or just post in the replies below!

3 replies

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I watched a foodie programme the other day where they roast and grind up crickets to make a flour substitute in choc chop cookies.
Have to say they looked quute tasty.
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Jiminy won't be best pleased, where's your conscience?

​It just isn't cricket....
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Are crickets vegan. I suppose by default they are not, but edible ones are grown for the sole purpose of eating. Im sure someone somewhere is banging on about it being cruel, but like many species if they not bred for food would they become extinct?
A great deal of vegan food is delicious and i would not think twice about trying/eating it but i dont get why everything has to be labelled vegan this and vegan that. Why not simply leek and potato sausage etc etc.
P.s. my conscience died in Morocco many years back.