Your guide to the Community ideas section - what it is, how to use it, and guidelines

  • 28 July 2021
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Welcome to the Pure Planet Community ideas section! This is where you can share any and all of your thoughts on how we can build the best energy company. :bulb:

We’d love to hear and work on your ideas, so here’s a few steps to follow, to help you get the most from this section of the Community... 

See a great idea? Vote for it!

When browsing all the ideas, if you see any ideas you like, be sure to vote for it by clicking the ‘upvote’ button (example circled in the image below). This helps us see what the most popular ideas are, and what should be prioritised. 

example ‘upvote’ button on an idea

Check to see if someone else has had a similar idea

While we can’t wait to hear your thoughts, it’s possible that another Member may have already posted a similar idea - great minds do think alike after all. Please search through existing ideas before posting - this is really important. This’ll help avoid lots of duplicate ideas popping up. 

You can search for ideas by typing in keywords in the Community search, or you can filter ideas by their idea status, and/or their product area.

ideas filtering

If you do see an idea similar to yours, give it some love by voting for it and adding your feedback as a reply, too. :smiley:  

We’ll be able to see how popular an idea is by counting the number of votes and replies it’s received.

Submit each idea as a new thread

If your idea hasn't already been suggested, you can create a new idea post to let us know all about it. 

And if you've got several ideas for us (!) please create a new post for each one. That way other members can easily add their own thoughts, too.

When posting your idea, it’s best to include as much detail as possible. For example, is it an idea for the app? Is it something about the Community? Or is it about something else?

What problem is your idea trying to solve? Who could benefit from it?

You can also assign your idea a ‘product area’, to help us easily see what your idea’s about, and help other Members search for it. 

Fully explaining your idea will help us and other Members better understand what you’re after, and help us discuss the idea both with you, and with our Pure Planet team. :slight_smile:

What kind of ideas can be posted?

We'd love to hear all your ideas - but of course we can’t do everything, even if we wanted to!

So, please don’t be too offended if some of the ideas - even the ones we love the most - need to be put on hold for now.

To help keep things simple, these are the areas we can prioritise:

Community - the platform, how it works, what kinds of boards and sections we have, what type of content you’d like to see, what you really need.
App - how it works, what it does, what it looks like.
Website - content, look and feel.

What happens once you’ve posted your idea

It’ll be marked as ‘new’ while other Members add their initial input. We may also ask questions to find out more. We’ll investigate the pros and cons of the idea, and may get back to you for further clarification.

As the idea progresses, the status will be updated to reflect this. 

Status updates

Once posted, ideas will be given a 'status' so you can follow their progress.

New - your idea has just been posted in the ideas board. Nice one!
We're Looking Into It - this is where we ask questions and find out more about your idea
Under Consideration - once our initial questions have been answered, and if your idea fits with the Pure Planet vision and strategy, it goes to our developers and execs
Working On It - Our team are building this now
Implemented - your brilliant idea is now live! 
On The Roadmap - Yay! Your idea has been prioritised internally, but work hasn’t quite started on it yet
On hold - we’d love to implement your idea! For now, it’s on hold until we’re able to work on it in future
Not For Us - thanks for your idea, but it's not quite what we're looking for, or something we’re able to implement. 

That’s it! Now it’s over to you. :sunglasses:  
We can’t wait to see your ideas! 

8 replies

Fab @Nataly. Only 231 in there already! Let’s go, go go… 😊 

You might need more developers soon! 😉 

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Excellent.👍👍👍 must get my thinking cap on!

Hey @Nataly. Can I filter and exclude say Implemented? Just get rid of the clutter ya know… 😉 

I had a hack and see that it’s easy to do custom filters! So this one for example does New and On the roadmap.

You could build one that includes everything except implemented and add a link to it in the sidebar — if you like my idea that is...

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In my opinion (he said provocatively and pedantically but not passive-aggressively)  you don’t need the apostrophe S after Community in the header title, it’s clumsy.

As it’s a guide I would also argue that it will contain guidelines, so that too is superfluous.

Your guide to the Community Ideas section - what it is and how to use it.

or if you disagree with the second suggestion

Your guide to the Community Ideas section - what it is, how to use it and guidelines.


Does this count as an idea?




I like your suggestion RE the apostrophe @woz, it’s a good point. I’ve edited it now. :grinning:

I’d argue that ‘guidelines’ are different to a ‘guide’ - the ‘guidelines’ are more like the rules of what you can or can’t do, so I’ve kept it in there for now. 

Thanks for the feedback @woz!

I had a hack and see that it’s easy to do custom filters! So this one for example does New and On the roadmap.

You could build one that includes everything except implemented and add a link to it in the sidebar — if you like my idea that is...

Noted :thumbsup: going to take a further look into this one! 

Splendid @Nataly. Don’t fear the url encoded filter parameters… 😉