How to follow a conversation in the Pure Planet Community

  • 29 August 2019
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If there’s a conversation or thread in the Pure Planet Community you’re interested in there’s an easy way to be notified of new updates.

To follow a conversation in the Pure Planet Community, the first and most important thing is to make sure you’ve registered an account and that you’re logged in.

Then, when you’re in the conversation you want to follow, tap or click on the word ‘follow’ at the bottom of each post.

This will mean you’re notified whenever there’s a new post in the conversation you’re following.

You can also follow other community Members so you’ll get a notification whenever they post.

To follow someone, go to their profile (by tapping or clicking on their avatar photo) and select ‘follow member’.


2 replies

Sadly, doesn’t work.

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Sadly, doesn’t work.

@25 quid Strange that you should post this because yesterday I noticed a selected follow on a thread, I assumed it must be automatic as I hadn’t selected it, but then when I clicked it nothing happened.

It appears that you have to click twice to toggle it…

There be demons...