How to add links to your Pure Planet Community posts

  • 11 January 2019
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Can someone tell me how, or point me to, the method used on this forum to strip http://www from a link?

And for when I forget (quite likely) can the means be included in the Community How-To Guides?

11 replies

Hi @Oakbank
Hmm, I'm not 100% sure what you're asking or trying to do?
Could you give us a bit more info?
(I've moved the thread to the how-to guide section. Good call 🆙)
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Beneath your reply there are a load of blue links. Hover over them and I can see the full for January Zero Hunger it is

For my 'tips on reducing energy consumption' it's

How do you do that on this forum? There has to be an easy way.
Hey @Oakbank
Ah, right. You mean make words clickable, rather than displaying the full URL?
Are you on desktop/laptop or mobile when you're in the community?
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I usually use a Win10 PC when in the Community.

Hi @Oakbank

There’s an easy way to add a link to your Pure Planet Community posts.

It means you can link to another post or community FAQ, or to an external website.

Copy the full website address of the conversation/website/ you want to link to.

Then, in your post, highlight the word you want to link to go from. 

Tap or click on the small 'chain' icon in your editor's toolbar. 

This will bring up a new window.

Paste the URL address that you copied earlier into it.


Click OK. And you will have a link embedded.

You’ll see it’s pink and underlined, to make it stand out.


[This post has been updated on 30 June 2020 to reflect new info for a new community platform]

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Makes perfect sense. I was doing everything you suggested, just not in 'Advanced Mode'!

Here goes: My Website


Thanks Marc.
That's great news @Oakbank :)
Interesting website. Wish I could undertand it! Looks fascinating. How to navigate using the sun? Wonderful!
What got you into that?
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Long story Marc. I’ve been into sailing since I was a lad.
I was working on a jack-up rig off Tunisia when Gulf 1 broke out. Remember ’Shock and Awe’? If the GPS in the rig control room was to be believed we were doing 17 knots across the Libyan desert! I decided you couldn’t trust GPS and started learning astronavigation. There wasn’t much free material on the web back then so I created my own.
Fascinating story @Oakbank :)
I bet you've got a few more!
Would you be up for doing a community 'spotlight' feature? Here's an example of one that @David j did the other day. It's just a way getting to know other Members a bit more.

BTW I'm going to change the title of this thread to 'how to embed links in community threads' as it could come in really useful for others!
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Hi Oakbank,
You’ve posted some really memorable items recently, Community Spotlight would be interesting for other members.
Dai 👍👍
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Just testing embedded link

it worked 🆙🆙