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  • 14 June 2018
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Creating a poll is an easy way to add an extra dimension to your thread.

They are useful if you want to get other community members’ opinions when there are various options to your question, beyond a simple yes or no.

Polls can be a fun way to talk about an issue in the Off Topic section.

All members can create polls - just follow these simple steps:

Start a new conversation

Give it a title and write some introductory words explaining what the post and the poll is about.

Then, select the three dots in the text editor toolbar, and choose ‘poll’.

Give your poll a title, and two or more answers. There’s no limit on the number of answers you can add. 

Select the right community section for your new conversation and poll, then hit ‘Post’.

Your poll will look something like this:


To vote in a poll, you need to be a registered Member of the community, and logged in.

Any registered Member can create one! 


8 replies

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That cheese 🧀poll needs to become active, Marc 👍👏😂. Fab!
That cheese ������poll needs to become active, Marc ������������������. Fab!

All yours @Bev Show us how it's done for real 🙌

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Go on then 👍, why not 🐭🧀!
And here it is! Poll: Your favourite cheese
Lovely poll @Bev
I've cast my vote! 😀 🧀
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How do I get to view polls on my PC?

I can see them on a tablet, but not my Win10 PC.

PS. My favourite cheeses are Stilton and Brie with truffles.
Hey @Oakbank
That looks like a bug, which I've reported to our tech team. Nice one for flagging. 🆙
The poll works fine in Chrome browser on a Windows machine. Looks like Internet Explorer doesn't like our polls at the moment.
I'm sure the team will be able to fix it! I'll get back to you here with updates soon.
Hi @Oakbank
We've tweaked our polls ;)
They now appear at the top of the thread, inside of being embedded into the first post.
Could you check that they work OK for you?
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🆙:checkmark: Working great now Marc.