Adding photos to Pure Planet Community posts

  • 18 February 2019
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You can easily add photos to your posts in the Pure Planet Community.

When posting, select the image icon in the text editor toolbar.


Choose the photo from your phone or computer you want to use, and it’ll upload to the community, into your post.

Then, remember to give your picture a caption.


Remember that there’s a size limit of 5MB for photos. This is just to make sure nobody uploads massive image files which would make the page slow to load.

3 replies

@Marc, @Nat referenced your FAQ recently. However, I think it’s out of date with an old CKEditor and I see no option called enhanced in General Settings
Good spot @25 quid 👍
I'm going to update it!
(It will all change again soon of course, when we move across to the new Insided community platform).

Think this is now all much, much easier in our new platform :grin: