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  • 23 September 2017
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At the moment I am with the above company on a pre-payment smart meter. Can I change to you and go to monthly budget account?
The phone number shown for yourselves 0115 931 4481 is a private number covered by BT Guardian for people named Bettencore.
Please either ring or respond with a telephone contact number, your app watt is useless!

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3 replies

Hello @cwoxford

Pure Planet don't currently support prepayment meters. There's more about it here:
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Hi @cwoxford, I'm Toby, the Pure Planet community manager. How are you getting on? Any other questions?

We use the community and Wattbot to discuss and sort out problems as we’re 100% digital. We're looking into why this number might have popped up being linked to us. Thanks for flagging it!
The number in Google has now been corrected. The community or WattBot and the help menu in the app should be the easiest way to get any questions answered