Operating Pure Planet account via their website instead of the app

  • 18 September 2019
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I'm thinking of switching to Pure Planet particularly because of their greener energy (and their prices!) but am reluctant to run the account via an app. Is it possible to run it via the website only? Can they remind you to read your meters via the website and can you give your meter readings via the website? Grateful for any advice!

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3 replies

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Hello sunrising.
Yes the website is fully able to be used to run your acct, email reminers are sent and also email statements. You can give readings also.
The app simply gives you more functionality if you want it but is not required.
Jon1 - that's really helpful, many thanks.
Hey @Sunrising - lovely username and welcome to the Community! :D

Great reply from @Jon1 🆙

There's also more info available on running your account via web here.

If you'd like any more help with switching just let us know. :raisinghands: