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My meter was due to be installed today. I have just had a call from Magnum to say they cannot guarantee someone will come due to an engineer calling in sick. I've therefore cancelled the installation as I'm not prepared to wait in all day for someone who may not arrive.
Up until today the communication was good with Magnum. Shame they've failed on the most important part.

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Just been called back and they are coming just after lunch. Hopefully all will go well.

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Hey @Bjamp

Thanks for the feedback - I've passed this on to our Smart team.

Great to hear they got back in touch with you quickly and have confirmed the installation.

Let us know how it all goes 🆙
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hi Mrs or Mr or Ms or non-gender Bojangles
I have to ask why would he want pictures of your hob? Were you cooking at the time? (you're going to tell me it was a typo aren't you...)
and did you mention cake?
I think it'll be easier to read the actual meter itself not the IHD, according to the trio manual the readings are available under settings, meters, but then I don't have one to check.
Lemon drizzle please if you're offering!
I had my install a just over a week ago. Engineer called ahead to confirm arrival time which was within the pre-arranged time. When he arrived he'd mentioned that he'd had similar problems with getting things to communicate. He took a few pictures of my hob running and got to work. Install took about an hour and a half with no real issue as far as I could tell.

IHD is working fine. I understand it's a trial and I would still have to submit readings but I was expecting to be able to see the meter reading on the IHD, but I can only see usage in kWh or ÂŁ?

Nonetheless, I'm pleased with how this all went and happy to have been given this for no extra charge. Looking forward to the "going live" day. Will there be cake?
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sorry didn't see your reply!
Hi Bojangles,
You can see the meter readings on the IHD, if you press home button, scroll down to meters, you have a choice of electric or gas, select the one you want and you will see the readings plus meter number etc,
Well our experience wasn’t good.

Firstly pre engineer contact from magnum was good with text messages and a phone call as engineer arrived - we subsequently discovered however that the number magnum include in the text message is unobtainable.

Engineer visited and Electric meter was up and running fairly quickly although it wouldn’t connect to the IHD. However he couldn’t get the gas meter to connect after 4 hours so reinstalled our old meter.

That’s when it all went wrong.
Engineer stated a second visit would be needed and someone from Magnum/Pure would’ve in touch to arrange.
He also said IHD should connect within 24 hours once it was configured centrally.
Both statements were wrong.

It appears engineers have a set sequence to follow and are lost if anything in that sequence goes wrong.

After IHD failed to connect and no contact to arrange a new visit for the gas install we contacted Pure (via watbot) and Magnum (via website/email).

Multiple replies from both companies were contradictory. An apology from magnum and offer to arrange the second visit by email, which they did.
Pure stated a visit was likely to be fruitless as there were known issues with the gas installations and IHD connectivity which weren’t likely to be solved until after September / end of year.
Visit went ahead as planned but engineer when he arrived didn’t know what to do (even though it was the same engineer as the first visit) he waited for a call from the Magnum office for an hour or so and was then told what to do.
Gas meter was installed and working and connected to IHD Electric meter was still working but not connected to IHD but again we were told this would connect within 24 hours. It didn’t.
To be fair both Magnum and Pure checked with us how the second visit had gone and Pure did something on the Monday after the installation (which was on a Friday) which made the electricity meter to connect.

So we now have working gas and electric meters which we are told are connected to Pure and connect to our IHD.

In the Pure app our electric usage shows the last reading before the meter was changed then the word closing. The gas usage shows the last reading before the meter was changed but doesn’t show closing.

On checking with Pure they say this is normal and readings won’t show in the app for about 12 weeks which seems a long time.

They also say we will need to send manual readings for the next 12 weeks. However we can’t currently send any electric readings as app doesn’t give the option and gas reading shows the serial number of the old meter.

Nextvreading isn’t till 29th August do hopefully app will allow readings by then.

Summary of our experience:
Engineers need better training.
Connectivity of metrrs is flakey and is a known issue in the north.
IHD connectivity is poor, only working when it’s within a few meters of the the meters and batteries only last a few hours so it needs to be permanently plugged in (and using electricity).
Communication between Pure and Magnum is pure with contradictory information.
Contacts for customers when things go wrong are poor and there needs to be an easier way to raise issues at a single point of contact.
Once installed readings are still estimates for 12 weeks which seems a long time.

So have had to stay in the house for 2 half days, spend probably another half a day chasing up Pure and Magnum. End result we have no information on usage in the app and an IHD which isn’t really practical to use.

I’m sure it will all be ok eventually but our experience says there are still a lot of teething problems and engineer said our experience wasn’t unusual.
Hi KevinandSylvie,

Thanks for this feedback, we've now taken this on as a discussion with Magnum. We'll keep working to improve our communications between us, Magnum and our Members. I know this doesn’t directly help you now, but it'll improve the experience for other Members.
I've emailed you directly as well.
Hi KevinandSylvie,

Not wishing to appear smug but my install went completely without a hitch so it proves they can get it right first time sometimes (well at least once).

As for your display it is expensive just using batteries, my display a GEO Trio 2 used to use a maximum of about 5w, to reduce consumption even more I turn the screen brightness down to 20% and the screen go to off over night. Of course your display could consume more if it is constantly searching for a signal, if my IHD were doing that it would be definitely unplugged.

Are you saying you are oop north or you have just had the same problems?

I think your summary would make a good poll.

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