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  • 23 November 2017
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I just switched to pure planet as my energy supplier. So far so good. Now as I was boating to my husband about "all green" and so on .He poped my bubble telling me it's impossible. Because he says all the pipes are connected which deliver gas with neighbouring houses and so forth. So how is it possible through one main pipe that your green gas comes to your.

Now I was buffled and wondered if some one can shed some light on it.thanks

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Hi @Maryam and welcome to the community!

I'll see if I can offer some explanation on this. The gas we supply is carbon offset, so while it does come from the same pipes as your husband says, we buy Carbon Emission Reductions on your behalf to effectively cancel out the gas that you use.

Carbon Emission Reductions (CERs) are part of the UN's Clean Development Mechanism project. Companies purchase CER credits and the UN uses these credits across the world in emission reduction initiatives.

So to sum up, any gas you use is offset and accounted for by sustainable and environmentally friendly projects :)

For more info on how Carbon Emission Reductions work, take a look at this link.

Any other questions @Maryam? Happy to keep chatting.