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  • 12 November 2019
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Hi Gray2476, thanks for the reply but not for the tone. You're right, I am a bit fed up which is probably the reason for my tone. You, I would have thought would be impartial because if you are not receiving anything from PP you wouldn't give a hoot.

Anyway, I am now starting to understand how PP work with their up and down payment system but am still at a loss to understand why when they could see my usage chose to drop my payments in the summer. Surely, this is encouraging debt, don't you think?

Moving forward, we vote with our fee so it's probably best I move on. Have a great life.

You are correct I neither work for nor represent PP......I am simply a PP you are (at the moment)

Apologies if you don't like my tone......I could make a comment on your tone and condescending content within your posts to various Community Forum members, who have only attempted to offer assistance and advice to you....but I won't.
​​​​​​​You appear to have decided that PP have acted "irresponsibly" with you.....a person who has shown that you definitely do not even understand the format of an energy supplier that YOU chose to switch too. Would it not be deemed "irresponsible" not to carry out "due diligence" to understand exactly what you are switching into.

You have not even shown any real acknowledgement for Community Forum members who have submitted posts into your rediculous "rant" towards the unigue business model of a company......who in my opinion are very helpful towards customers with genuine issues that require addressing.

Just as an aside......let me ask a question......

Who is ultimately responsible for your account.......YOU or PP.......I'm sure I know what your answer will be☹️
Hi Marc,

Firstly, thanks for the update. You're correct I have decided to change provider as I am not sure this type of service is the right one for me.

I like to be able to talk rather than type and my experience of the keyboard warrior has been interesting, to say the least.

Also, please pass on my thanks to your colleagues for the discount after admitting you were as responsible as me for allowing the bill to go up.

To Jon1, stephenrand & Strutt G thank you very much for taking time out on Wednesday evening to calm a frustrated utility customer. Your time is very much appreciated.


PS! Gray 2476, anger management classes may help or if not try getting out more.
Hi Marc,

PS! Gray 2476, anger management classes may help or if not try getting out more.


Thanks for your suggestions......I'll weigh up both options and decide which one is more appropriate.🤔👏😎 (64)
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Anger is Energy by John Lydon (Johnny Rotton) our national treasure
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hi all
I have been away and sadly missed this interchange. it's clear that nothing anyone can or will say will persuade Mr Anon, (that he may be wrong) although having said that there are some questions to be answered by both parties here before all these accusations of irresponsible behaviour are considered.
Most of the points have been addressed by the excellent replies here, so let's start with the first and most important point- You only pay for the energy you use. Your balance will vary but that's expected as PP can't predict exactly what you will use. If Mr Anonis prepared to accept the truth of that statement then almost everything else falls into place. The question then to be asked is Anon really using that amount of electricity?
Apart from the agreed winter/ summer split which applies to all customers and of which all customers are notified PP cannot change your direct debit amount without first notifying you and asking if you agree(you can object but as with all other providers if you don't communicate within a couple of weeks it's deemed that you have accepted.)
Now to the amounts - here I'm at a loss to understand what's going on. Given that the previous provider was likely more expensive than pp per unit Anon must have been paying more before he switched?
If that isn't the case then there is something wrong with the readings. The electric use is VERY high, I can only assume if the figures are correct that Anon heats with electric heating? If that is not the case something else is very amiss here.
If payments are not keeping up with usage it's a double whammy, not only do payments have to be increased to cover the consumption but they also have to be increased to cover the shortfall already incurred. So for example if you were short by £50 for 6 months and the correction was set to work over 6 months your payments would have to be increased by £100 for 6 months when it could be looked at again. That isn't daylight robbery it's maths.
There are only 2 possible explanations here, (bearing in mind I don't believe that pp upped payments without notifying Anon, as to whether he read it or saw it is another matter. )
Either Anon has used much more than originally estimated or he hasn't and the readings are wrong (Given the attitude of mr Anon it's quite possible that the readings are wrong especially if he isn't using electricity to heat)
If he has then he must have been paying a similar amount to his previous provider so the payments should not be surprising, and if that isn't the case then he's reading the meter incorrectly.
His argument that if he has used the energy he should not have to pay it is ridiculous but, if the payments are substantially more than he was paying then we need to look at the meter readings because they could be wrong.
I see little point in trying to further help given the accusations made, I would want much more information about previous usage and payments before coming close to agreeing with the I'm being ripped off attitude, it just is not PPs style to rip off customers, in fact far from it, it's their style to accommodate customers.
Mr Anon do you use electricity to heat your house?
hi all
I have been away and sadly missed this interchange.

Welcome back @woz 😁