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  • 12 August 2019
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I'm due to renew and am trying to work out which suppler is best for me, in terms of renewable and green energy.

I've seen a lot of press recently about the potential for cheap REGO purchasing to make brown energy green. I understand the need for the process but as these certificates are Europe wide they aren't necessarily promoting renewable production in the UK.

I note from this thread (https://community.purepla.net/threads/5316-REGO-s?highlight=REGOs) that PP purchases its REGOs after production.
I was hoping someone from the company could clarify:
What proportion of the energy PP purchases through Power Purchasing Agreements?
What proportion of their REGOs are for power generated outside the UK?

I look forward to hearing from PP.

Many Thanks

1 reply

Hi @FrankCox
Welcome, and thanks for posting.
We don't buy energy through PPAs. We use REGOs.

Here's more info about the differences between the two:

PPAs are used by suppliers, large companies, councils and other bodies to secure a source energy. They're used across all generation types, ie nuclear, gas, coal, as well as renewables. PPAs are basically legal instruments to secure the supply of energy from a generator over a period of time for an agreed price, and do not satisfy any green credentials.

REGOS: Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin.
These are regulated certificates granted to renewable electricity generators (wind, solar etc) proving that the power that they generate and ship to the national grid is, in fact, renewably-generated power.
Only renewable generators can be granted REGOS.
Suppliers can purchase and ‘retire’ these certificates as a balancing mechanism - proving the power that has been used by their customers has been matched by renewable power put onto the grid on their behalf.