You've taken money from my bank account having confirmed my switch cancellation??

  • 8 February 2018
  • 3 replies

Pure Planet has confirmed via email of 27/1 that it has cancelled my switch, and yet it has just taken money out of my bank account. What's going on? Please redeposit the money you have taken incorrectly.
Best regards,

3 replies

Hi @GrahamDMS I'm going to flag this with the team and get back to you via DM, so that no account info is posted publicly. We'll get this sorted.
Thanks Marc,
Thanks for your prompt attention: your guys are now on the case.
I hope to use Pure Planet one of these days: I like your philosophy and particularly your pricing.
However, I'm quite a big domestic user with multiple gas meters and multiple electricity meters in my home, so I just need to be comfortable that you can handle me!
Best regards,
That's great to hear @GrahamDMS I'll look forward to (maybe!) one day welcoming you to Pure Planet 👍