Wost on-boarding experience of my life

  • 19 November 2018
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I joined and waited about 20 days for Pure to ask for my first meter readings. I then attempted to put them into the app, however every time I tried to do so, the app just said "thanks for your readings" when I hadn't submitted them yet. I couldnt submit them in any way due to this bug in the app.

I then resorted to WattBott. (should be called noreplybott). The chat service is god awfully shocking. There is no AI present at all, im just throwing a message down a deep well and hoping that someone will pick it up in 2 days time and understand me. Its comparable to carrier pigeons as a form of communication.

I was told that my account cant be opened as my old supplier has blocked my switch and that I need to get in touch with them. Why it took 3 days of me pestering in wattbot to find out this, god knows. Why someone didnt reach out to me and tell me this, god knows. "We can do all of your switch for you, just give us your readings and sit back, we do the rest" was what I was sold. The truth was they said they were going to do everything, but actually did nothing and didnt even tell me until I pestered them for 3 days.

I then began to get emails telling me im all set up and on supply.

I now have no idea if I am on supply with Pure planet or not, and have no reliable method of speaking to someone to try and get information and solve the mess.

Pure planet have taken over my energy, completley screwed me around, and are now not replying to my messages or helping me out. If someone from Pure Planet can reach out to me from this post and help, please do.

This message is also going to trading standards as I feel its unacceptable to market your service like you do and then as soon as customers are on board not give them the service they were sold by a million miles.

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