Why is Pure Planet taking £300 out of my bank before an Issue has been Resolved?

  • 19 October 2021
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I’ve written about this before in a different post but now it’s creating more complicated issues. 

short summary: I don’t have personal access to my meters when I need to give a updated reading that is something my realtors only have access to. When I received a meter reading by email to update my meter reading for the next bill back in the summer, I assumed afterwards I was given the entire buildings meter readings not my flat specifically. 

Currently I’ve sent an email detailing the problem at length, arranged a time to have a phone call which never happened, no one got into contact with me. Before the main problem could get resolved Pure Planet sent an email already making a step by step solution to pay back the credit that I don’t owe. As of today I’ve been charged £306 which I shouldn’t be. 

Especially knowing that Pure Planet is soon going to not exist anymore I’m worried that in moving to a different company, which will be Shell, there will be no way to receive that £306 back. I’m not sure what to do next other than cancel my direct debit. 


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Hey @MoniqueR 

Seen this FAQ?

Don’t worry. Any credit has been passed on and Shell will be the ones refunding you. 

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If Shell don’t sort it out you’ll eventually need hard copy to go to the Ombudsman (not because PP are necessarily at fault but to protect yourself).

(Shell are not obliged to take on previous complaints by the way)

This is incredibly complicated, I wrote a long reply but there were so many ifs and buts it was worthless.

Looking at it simply  if PP detailed payments back to you they should be in progress but surely at the same time your payment should have been amended in which case the £306 is an error?

If the £306 has gone from your bank you have nothing to lose by waiting a week for the repayments to reach your account (you need to ask someone to check that they are in progress ( @Mads or @Marc can you check? I thought if once in progress then they would complete with PP ) then if they are once they reach your account recall the DD from your bank if PP can’t reverse it.

If your bank argues say it was taken in error and you had not agreed to it.

Ongoing you’ll need to communicate with Shell

You need to split this into 2 sections, your balance which even if uncorrected is protected and you won’t lose it, and getting the meters sorted, presumably this is underway?