Why haven't I received statement yet

  • 7 November 2021
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Why haven't I received statement yet usually get on 6th of the month anyone know why? 


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No,  i haven't gotton  one either. 

I presume its because Shell has taken over from the 17th October , so really i presume its up to Shell to issue the statements. 

But we'll have to wait until they get all the accounts set up, I presume. 

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Maybe Shell have now taken over your account and it is from them you will receive statements in future? It seems likely since Shell have taken over PP accounts.
Have you not had any communications about this?

I did get email from Shell but said will be about 6 weeks that was last week. 

Will have to wait for another email from Shell, just wanted to check if others were waiting 


Thank you

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No statements since the takeover Lyn, this was discussed elsewhere but can’t find it now for the life of me, but no, continue submitting readings to PP when requested and your DD will be taken in the usual way on usual date. 

Once we get further email from Shell, with login details, we can then start to expect Shell statements. 

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Yeah, page four, towards the end of the page, community manager Nataly clarifies it a bit more, Lyn


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It's worth bearing in mind that when we eventually get statements it will be for a period upto 17 October on your PP tariff and then on the Shell flexible 6 tarrif, unless separate statements are sent out which I doubt.

While here it's worth mentioning,  after recently checking Shells PP blog, which only seems to change the updated on date but no new information, I had a look through the other suppliers that Shell have taken over from.

They mention on the Green blog that they are ready to create accounts for Green customers and hope to have them up by beginning of December, that will be 11 weeks since transfer, at that rate it will probably be January before our accounts are set up

Hello @Lynk 

Thanks for posting! Some really fab advice from @Duppy@Bev@Angelabikerbabe and @woz here. Statements currently aren’t being sent out, but hopefully it won’t be long till they’re back in motion. Nat’s given some really fab advice in the thread @Bev shared on how to keep track of your usage in the meantime:

Yep, for my own personal account I’m just going to keep note of my meter readings (and the dates they were taken), as well as enter them into the Pure Planet app as normal. That way you can (roughly) figure out your usage cost if needed, to make sure you’re roughly on track, in the gap before receiving a statement.

I hope this helps! 

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Very helpful info as I’ve been worried about this lack of information and continuing monthly DDs to Pure Planet. Now I’ll just need to chill out for the rest of the year...

Glad it’s helped @schase :thumbsup: I think I’ll join you on that...