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  • 24 August 2021
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Please can someone explain 'community' in terms of advice etc for PurePlanet? Is this  the latest way of saying customer support/advice?  I don't want to be presented with pages of information that do not relate to a specific question. I do not have time or interest to scroll through loads of posts to try and find what I want. I have Google for that. How does a Pure Planet customer get an answer to a specific query please



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The community is made up of PP customers, just like you. 

Many of the community members have lots of experience answering questions and helping out fellow customers of PP.

Many questions can be answered by the community, without the involvement of staff from PP, thus saving PP costs, which they can pass onto their customers. 

If you have a question, you can post a question and the community can try to help you. 

Please be advised you should not post any personal information. And also, obviously, we can't see any info about your account, as we don't have access. 

@Debbie P You need to use the app to ask questions of Pure Planet. Use the help function. You will see that Pure Planet have set up answers to the most frequently asked questions and added some help topics. If your query is not there you can ask a question using the function in the app but scroll to the bottom and type in “message the team” to ensure your question gets through to a human.

Most user’s questions are similar and PP have configured things to handle that simply without the need to take the next step and message the team. 

A user should always think about the questions to be asked, stop and consider whether it is one others will have asked at some time (mostly they are) and if the answer is yes the chances are the answer will already be in the system.

I have  made it sound simple but it is not wonderful and can seem like a ponderous approach to get a simple answer to a simple question. I am not sure of an easy answer to that unless a call centre is set up which then adds to all our costs.

If frustration hits just “message the team”!

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Wow, quite an entrance!!