• 4 April 2021
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Anyone know why my February usage is not showing?

4 replies

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Are all other months showing? 

Did you receive a statement for Feb?


Yeah Jan and March are showing and I  did get a Feb statement.  Its weird and a bit annoying! Cheers

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@Silverless I wonder if you’ve stumbled upon a bug related to when the usage is updated relative to the statement date and only Feb is missing 29th

it’s just a thought but it would explain it…

@Nataly can one of your tech team check this out?


Hey @Silverless 

Is this when checking out your meter reading history under ‘tariff £ usage’? Could you let me know what device and operating system you’re using to access your account? :slight_smile:

Always worth trying a delete and reinstall of the app, just in case something’s gone slightly awry.