Unit price strategy

  • 15 January 2018
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I'm considering joining up, but wanted to check with you the details of your pricing please. Another thread mentions your per unit charges are equal to the 'wholesale cost', but as you know energy wholesale pricing changes on an hourly/daily basis, whereas from what I can see your tariff hasn't changed since August last year.
How often do you change your rates, and are they actually equivalent to day ahead wholesale market costs (if so which index?) when they are set, or instead some futures price just like a more conventional variable tariff?
I'm certainly tempted to join up as your platform seems very innovative and I like the idea of a transparent membership fee and no markup costs. But given your prices seem to have been static for quite a while and don't seem to be tracking current wholesale prices, I'm a bit sceptical that these are actually based on real wholesale pricing.
Many thanks

3 replies

Hi @Tubaman thanks for posting in the community and welcome!
Great to hear that you're interested in joining up.
To answer your question about wholesale prices please read this thread about how we buy energy.
I hope that this is useful and gives you the info you're looking for?
Hi @Marc, many thanks for the link, I now see from that thread that you buy energy 3 months ahead.
However, can you confirm that your prices haven't changed since August as stated in this thread https://community.purepla.net/threads/60-Standing-charge-and-unit-rate ?
You're at the top of the best buy tables at the moment for high users, but this looks like it might be because you just haven't updated your prices since last August to match the wholesale prices. I'd be quite pleased of course if the prices stay at this competitive level, but wonder if you're about to have an increase as the wholesale prices have gone up significantly since last August.
Many thanks
Hi @Tubaman
Excellent, glad to hear it was useful 😀
I've checked and can indeed confirm that prices have not changed.
We haven't had to increase them thus far, and we review them every month.
There has been a change for those members with dual fuel - that's people who have electricity and gas - getting a £30 discount.