Too many posts about unexpected charges?

  • 5 January 2022
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Why are there so many questions about people finding themselves being billed far more than they are expecting to pay?

Have the administrators instigated a policy of shoot first ask questions later to get as much money in as possible? Or are these misunderstandings or simple multiple  “one-off” errors?
It’s hard to envisage how such errors can happen.

I fully understand the concept of not having paid enough to cover energy, and the concept of people missing vital emails, but that is not why I posted this question.

I’m seriously concerned that there is something going on in the background.

Can anyone who has some knowledge  of the administration process reassure me? 


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Hi @woz 

Thanks for the questions……it’s probably worth giving everyone an update on the billing work we’ve been doing over the past few months. Since Pure Planet went into SoLR we’ve managed to send out final statements to over 230,000 Members.

The final billing process has been managed by Pure Planet, with oversight by PwC, our administrators, as they recognise our teams have the skills and knowledge to work through any billing anomalies and recommend the most appropriate resolution to issues. 

Overall, we’ve had a very low amount of contact in relation to our final bills – less than we anticipated and planned for, and PwC tell us that it’s also much less than they’ve seen in other SoLR processes, which is reassuring that we're carefully managing the process. 

The same system parameters remain in place as we had prior to the Administration that puts a final bill into a draft status when balances are out of certain tolerances – just as we always have had. 

It is possible that the reason the number of community questions about higher final bills feels high is because we billed the whole base at once and therefore the questions about those bills also come through at the same time. We also recognise that the final bills are, perfectly understandably, likely to attract a greater level of scrutiny. This is why we worked really hard ahead of the final bills being generated and sent out to try and make sure the information we had was as good as we could hope. Finally, though Pure Planet no longer has energy supply licences, we continue to adhere to the regulatory principles we were held to when we had licences. We believe this is fair and the right thing to do. We, and the systems we use, are not perfect and mistakes will happen. So we appreciate there will be queries with some bills and this is why we continue to have the service team working hard to resolve any issues our former Members have - either with their final bills, payments, debt or any other area of the service we provided.

We’re now busy working through the last accounts, with less than 1,500 to finalise – as you can imagine there are always a few that take more effort to work through. We should have those done in the next couple of weeks. 

As always, if anyone is concerned about their final bill or worried about affording to pay for it they can get in touch with us through all our usual channels. 

I hope that helps. :thumbsup:


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good answer, and reassuring, thank you.