Tarrif ends on October 2021

  • 13 October 2021
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My tarrif ends on the 27th of this month

What can I do?

Any advice would be helpful.


Many thanks 

5 replies

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Do nothing,  sit tight and wait patiently. There is nothing to be done and any action you take will complicate your transition and may delay any transfer of  your balance to the new supplier.

You will be contacted once Ofgem have appointed a supplier.

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In light of the fact that Pure Planet have announced that they are to cease trading, 

Nothing, you will be transferred to a supplier of last resort according to Ofgems rules

Thank you both 

I will wait and see what rediculous price I'll get with the new guys. 


@38mich2009 You can work out some idea as I understand the average for the cap is about 21p per kWh for electricity and 4p per kWh for gas + possibly a standing charge. A big increase for my finances.

Hello @38mich2009 

Thanks for posting!

This may be a helpful read given the latest developments: